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Join us for the 2019-2020 season

Missed Evaluations? Email Amy at to schedule a private evaluation.

Every child who would like to be on a team at Central Mass Athletics for the 2019-2020 season will have to be evaluated.   The evaluation process will take about 25 minutes. At evaluations, cheerleaders will have time to stretch and warm up skills. A staff member will take notes on current jump and tumbling skills. Cheerleaders will also have the opportunity to demonstrate stunting ability with other cheerleaders at open house. Team placement will be based on your current skills.

The cost for evaluation is $20. This fee must be paid at the time of the evaluation.  The evaluation consists of showing a staff member his or her current skills.  You will also receive the NEW CMA logo t-shirt at evaluation!


Register for evaluation below & receive our 2019-2020 information packet


















How teams are formed after evaluations

All-star cheer has very specific requirements for routine composition.  In every category (stunt, pyramid, jumps, standing tumbling, and running tumbling) we have to complete a certain number of skills. Varsity All Star has skill-based system to which their score sheets are based on.  As coaches, we try to set up teams that are going to be the most successful in every category. Standing Tumbling is a very important part of the score sheet. We are judged on the # number athletes doing level appropriate skills at the same time.  When we evaluate an athlete, we first look at age. The grid posted here are the age groups that we must follow when forming teams.  The level of the team depends on the maximum number of athletes with certain tumbling or stunting skills. In certain situations, we may place a child on a team even if they do not meet the minimum tumbling requirement. 

Whenever possible, teams will be formed with 100% level appropriate tumbling skills. The maximum number of athletes on a team without level appropriate tumbling depends on the total number of athletes on a team.

We will be offering 4 different all-star programs in 2019-2020

All Star FUNdementals

All Star Novice

All Star Prep

All Star Elite


Star Spirit -All Star FUNdementals

Star Spirit is a non-competitive cheerleading program for children ages 4-12.  Our Star Spirit program will teach the basic fundamentals of cheerleading, tumbling, & dance and perfect technique.  Cheerleaders will be divided based on age. Each age group will learn a 1-minute routine that will be performed 2 times. We will have 2 separate Star Spirit Seasons. Season 1 will be August -Early December and Season 2 will be January- Early April.

All Star Novice
All Star Novice teams will begin in August. Teams will compete or perform several times December-March. Competitions will be 1-day events to help keep costs down.


 All Star Prep
All Star Prep teams begin in June. Teams will compete or perform several times December-March. Competitions can be 1 or 2-day events.


All Star Elite

All Star Elite is an 11-month program beginning June 2019 and ending April 2020.  Teams will compete several times locally and nationally throughout the season.  These teams will be eligible to earn bids to the 2020 Summit in Orlando, FL.

Level Appropriate Standing Tumbling Skills By Level for All Star Prep and All Star Elite

Level 1: Back Walk Over

Level 2: Standing Back handspring

Level 3: Standing multiple back handspring, Jump to a back handspring

Level 4: Standing Tuck, standing multiple back handspring to a tuck , Jump to multiple back handspring to a tuck. 

Level 5: Jump to tuck, Standing multiple back handspring to a layout or full

          All teams & levels will be determined after evaluations are complete on May 12th.

Evaluation Checklist

  • Release Form

  • Copy of Birth Certificate (New members only)

  • Information Sheet (available at Open House)    

  •  Evaluation Fee: $20

Thanks for registering!

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