Cheer Team Information

Elite Teams
Elite Teams compete locally several times throughout the season. They attend several one and  two-day competitions.  Some of our Elite Teams will travel out of state for a two-day competition. All of our elite teams will attend an End of Season event if a bid is received. 


Full Year Prep Teams
Full Year prep teams compete at local one day competitions only. They will practice 1 day per week through the summer and 2 days per week starting in the fall. 

Summer Practices 
All of our summer practices will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Summer is prime vacation and family time and we want our athletes and their families to be able to enjoy that! We’re hoping this schedule will allow you to utilize your weekends by doing your favorite activities! 

Power Cheer-COMING SOON!

Power Cheer is a recreational cheer program Central Mass Athletics. Teams will run in 8-12 week sessions throughout the year. Each session will include an exhibition for family and friends.